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United States
5' 2"
Light brown
Native american
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i am easy going , fairly laid back and open minded.When i say i like something i give out all from my heart to make it happy.I love the outdoors, i believe every one has one life to live and we have the chance to live it to the fullest when we are alive.I love to keep my man beside me , do his wishes and submit to him.His happiness is mine and mine too his.We share everything in common and i am the shoulder when he needs shoulder to cry one.We share both the good times and bad times.
Life cant be the same all the time.I am not overly materialistic,am an optimist and have hopes even when it seems all hopes are gone.I love my profession i have chosen in the future.
I want to be a health practitioner and to help my husband take care of our family together and ensure our health is all the time good since once health is his wealth.
I am loving , caring , kind from not so rich but not so poor background but my mans assets is not what would make me love him so i seek for the right man here.
Hope it be you .

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