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Gateshead, United Kingdom
5' 5"
Dark brown
Caucasian (white)
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Hello my name is Stacey, I am 22 years old. As a person I would probably say I'm very happy, and it doesn't take much to make my day special.

I like having my hand held, being hugged and I love having the door held open for me (although I have been known to open doors for others, too).

I am a woman with a huge tender heart, but yet I am a warrior and will go to the wall for people I believe in.

I'm romantic, soft, dizzy, level-headed, strong when the need arises, loyal, faithful, impulsive, indecisive, silly, intelligent.You will notice, I'm nearly always smiling, and often greet strangers with a nod, or warm "Hello".

I enjoy going to the beach, movies both at home and at the cinema, I love to go on leisure walks, spending time with my family, mini golf, boardgames, bowling.

I enjoy a bit of spontaneity from time to time, but I also thoroughly enjoy staying in and just spending time with family and friends.

I like to watch sit coms, a good comedy film or thriller, history programmes and horror films. I have a love for disney films, I also like reading harliquin romance novels, and playing Scrabble. Please rescue me from the soaps.

I have an weird taste in music from pop to country and from indie to most things modern, country music holds a special place. Especially music by faith hill and shania twain.

Though, just as a warning, I tend to be very clumsy, so don't expect me to be very good at things you want me to try with you, though I may like it, I will probably fall flat on my face several times before I get decent at whatever we are doing, though I don't put my nose up at much, even if I fail miserably.

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