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I have a very wide range of hobbies and interests. This is the reason why I like to do something interesting and pleasant for me, but useful at the same time as for me so for the other people. For example I would rather go out to the nature with my friends rather than sit in a night club full of cigarettes’ smoke…:)))) This certainly doesn’t mean that there is no need to go to the clubs, but I better like to be in a one with a wonderful music and pretty interior designing of the place, nice and quick service, tasty kitchen and no CRAZY prices!!! I can say that my rest depends on my mood and business at work. I love to paint with oil. I think that my talent is from early childhood. My relatives own some of my paintings. And certainly I love to travel,…Who doesn’t!! :))))) I try to devote a big part of my time to myself and my house. I love it to be pretty-looking, clean and nice in the house, on “my face” and in “my soul!:))) I love to make cozy my house and I love to change myself! As outside, so inside… I think I am a unique person!!!

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